Coming to the shop, Take a walk on the wild side…

Lots of things going on at Chez Lemondrop, new dresses I am trying to add to the shop (which has been slow to be updated lately, alas)…

We are preparing for a family weekend for Easter…

The blog will be moving over to wordpress soon I hope! And I will be having a couple of giveaways to celebrate…
And of course I have two lovely giveaways on right now by lovely etsy vendors. What’s new at your house, friends?

Three dresses coming soon! Two gorgeous maxi dresses and one sassy sweater.


A necklace of the day post instead…

Yesterday was a relaxing day in the backyard with the dogs, so it was a great day to wear my new Christy Robinson necklace. It’s not just cute, it has a message I believe in. All of the furry Lemondrops are rescue animals, so my necklace announces how important rescue is to me.  Christy agreed to offer one Lemondrop Vintage reader a necklace, so head over to the giveaway if this message strikes a cord with you, and to see all of her other lovelies! 

Gertie was adopted from a shelter two years ago.

Christy Robinson Designs Necklace giveaway for Animal Lovers and Tree Huggers

Christy Robinson is a native Texan currently living in Dallas where she works as a full time studio jewelry artist.   Her work features jewelry designs that are both one- of- a kind and those that use earth friendly recycled metals such as aluminum, copper, and sterling silver. The jewelry often depicts themes of animal or environmental issues.
In 1996, she became an animal rights advocate after watching an undercover video on slaughterhouses.  A huge animal lover, having grown up with cows, pigs, and chickens as well as kitties and dogs she instantly went Vegetarian then Vegan and immediately got involved with the local animal advocacy community.

 She also became involved around this same time with the local Green movement in their efforts to help with environmental issues.  In addition to these interests she is also a huge indie music lover. 

If you love animals or the environment you will adore looking around Christy’s website . I had a hard time choosing which design to wear, but my furry children are all rescue animals and I knew I’d love the adopt dog charm! The fox charm is next on my want list, though I am a long time tree hugger. 
Giveaway for the Don’t Shop Adopt dog necklace open worldwide, closing on 4.16.12

To enter, tell us what environmental or animal welfare idea you’d like to wear!
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I like swapping bow much

And I am wearing another item that I picked up at the TxSC swap event! I like a little bling, and I like bows…so for the cost of something I wasn’t wearing anymore I was able to try both! I like the way the rhinestones sparkle in the light. And for a dose of little old lady I added my vintage jacket. 
Hope there is some sparkle and swapping in your week, friends. 
My swapped shirt from

busy, busy (prints)

Before I became a reader of style blogs (I said style, not fashion) I would never have worn two busy prints at once, or shoes that might look at home on Rue Paul’s Drag Race. But seeing other people take chances on something fun for the sake of fun makes me a bit braver. So… cue the silk 1980’s dress with a fun pleated skirt and my 1960’s purse with yet another print. At least my background is somewhat color coordinated. I wouldn’t have wanted to make this any busier for ya. Hope your day is patterned in a fun way and not a quiet one.

 Silk Dress + Bag=Vintage
Glasses= Eyebuydirect
Shoes=Lulu’s, not directly from RuePaul as might appear

Artist Spotlight on Emarie Creations

Meet Samantha of Emarie Creations! She has a lovely shop full of pretties for Spring- and you may be sporting some sweet earrings from her shop soon if you enter the giveaway below!

When did you start creating your unique clay creations and other lovelies?
I have always enjoyed crafting, but didn’t get into polymer clay until I was about 12 or 13. I first started making a bunch of dollhouse-type food, then decided to get into more jewelry. Now I offer a wide variety of items made from both polymer clay and resin cabochon flowers.

How sweet are these handmade sweet treat charms?
What is your favorite piece you’ve ever made?
I enjoy making a lot of different pieces, but find that my favorite is probably my assorted charms, since I can be creative with colors and designs when I am making them. My cupcake charms are especially fun to make because I can be so creative with them.

Are you inspired by each season or does something in particular spark your next idea?
I can’t say that any one thing in particular sparks my interest. A lot of times I will just make things that either are my best sellers, and try to improve upon them, or I go with the current colors and trends for the season.

Do you have an “idea file” of some kind? How do you keep yourself on track?
I don’t really have a set time when I actually craft, though most times it is at night time. I sometimes go through ups and downs with my interests, and will sometimes be really motivated to create and then other times don’t feel like creating anything new. I find that in order for me to continue enjoying my craft I have to allow myself those up and down times. I usually come up with new ideas in my up times, or I work really hard on increasing my inventory. During a down time I will work on orders if necessary, but won’t necessarly create something new. It helps to keep me interested in what I do without getting “burned out”.

What advice do you have for someone who has creative ideas and would love to begin selling their work?
Selling is hard work, but also a lot of fun IF you are willing to put the time into it.
I don’t think I fully realized how much time a home businesses takes until I opened my shop in late 2009. There is a lot of work, money and time that needs to be spent in order for your items to sell like they should. If you are willing to spend time and money and really love what you do, then I would highly encourage you to try your hand at selling. That may mean you start out by going to craft fairs, but at least you are getting a feel for what it is like. Start small, see how thing go, then work on making things bigger. You may find that you just enjoy making things for the fun of it and wouldn’t like the pressure of always having to make something new and stay on top of the trends. But if you don’t mind that, and are willing to take the time, then by all means I would highly encourage you to continue and look into starting your own home or online business.

What’s your favorite after creating activity? When I’m not creating I am usually reading or doing something active, like hiking outdoors or exercising. Or I might be baking- I love to bake!

Giveaway, one pair of Spring earrings or a $10 gift certificate towards an item of your choice

Visit Emarie Creations and come back to let us know what your favorite item is!

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Open internationally, ends April 12th midnight CST


trends from the past, the jumpsuit

The ultimate uniform during disco years, jumpsuits popped up everywhere in the 1970s, from dance floors to TV (they were a regular guest star on the sassy show Charlie’s Angels).

After falling out of fashion favor sometime in the 80s, the jumpsuit recently came back with a bang, and has been seen on catwalks and red carpets everywhere over the past 12 months.

But why do we love them so much? Well, first and foremost, a jumpsuit is the ultimate bridge between looking dressed up and feeling dressed down.

Seriously, put a jumpsuit on and you’ll get noticed, which feels pretty good in itself, yet you also feel so comfortable and relaxed that you may find yourself looking down to make sure you haven’t left the house wearing your PJs.
A jumpsuit also requires a lot less thought when getting ready in the mornings. Where we usually have to make sure the top half goes with the bottom half, a jumpsuit is the top half and bottom half, so you can get up in the morning and *ahem* jump into it without having to play mix and match for an hour.

This of course affords us a lot more time to spend on what we’re going to accessorize it with – handbag, jewellery – not to mention precious extra minutes to spend on our hair.

Jumpsuits are available all over the net, as every major fashion store now stocks a wide range. There are creations from all the top fashion brands, including Superdry, Oasis, DKNY, Vicky Martin and Drama Queen, so it’s easy to find the jumpiest of jumpsuits (by that I mean the ones that seem to throw themselves off the page in your direction, urging you to buy them!) Will you be jumpsuiting this season?